The book where the secrets of the origin
of the words of world languages are revealed


This section will host the etymologies proposed by the readers of the site. The most compelling will be included in "1001" with a reference to the author's name. These include the articles in which the method of symbolic etymology “works”, rather than the one (phonetic), being used for two centuries by authors of existing etymological dictionaries.

Therefore, in order to master the method of symbolic (grammatical) etymology, the “Words Code” should be carefully read, which describes the rules of word formation. They are simple: Priests of the Stone Age could not create too complex ways of word creation, therefore, to understand them is not complicated. And the reader “having understood” will remember and find in their native language dictionary the words, the structure similar to the ones discussed in the "Words Code".

  • laun - award
  • lavus - crafty, nippy
  • luk - a plant with straight radial leaves
  • lug - lowland, meadow
  • log - log, deepening in the relief, meadow, ravine
  • mun - 1) ox; 2) month; 3) moon