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of the words of world languages are revealed

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After about half a century Olzhas Suleimenov completed his new scientific research which takes its start in “AZ i YA”. And the Word is the main element of this labor. You can get acquainted with the origin of the first words of humanity, learn the history of people from the depth of time, get familiarized with the principles of interpretation of the origin of the words and many other interesting facts in this book to which this website is dedicated – etymological dictionary “1001 words”.
The author invites the readers to the creative process of filling the dictionary with new words which will be entered into the book with a reference to the author.


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Book Reviews

Natalia Seytahmetova
Senior Researcher, Institute of Philosophy

"Olzhas with his characteristic fervor ontological eventness involves the reader in the text, in which the history of mankind is created by means of signs, symbols, letters. Comparative signs carried out in the book reconstructs the idea of complementarity of cultures and languages, the idea of "the genetic and cultural kinship of the peoples who have left in search of the homeland to the East of the Sun ..." more

Lev Anninskiy

“Poet was at the crossroads of cultures, crossroads of traditions: he successfully combined a lot in himself: young spirit and education… and associated expression of poetic style which is so widespread today… and philosophical love to world structures where Pushkin meets at Suleymenov’s with Chokan Valikhanov, Confucius, Tagore… and local magnificent steppe specifics”.

Konstantin Simonov

«The most important for me in the book is an approach to history – harsh and at the same time fair. The question in your book, attitude to history, which is not specific and has its own flowing way, is coming to me as a Soviet writer, as a person, who has been loving the history of his nation the way it is, both sweet and bitter.».

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New words in dictionary

  • laun - award
  • lavus - crafty, nippy
  • luk - a plant with straight radial leaves
  • lug - lowland, meadow
  • log - log, deepening in the relief, meadow, ravine
  • mun - 1) ox; 2) month; 3) moon